A Strategy to Solve Your Leadership Shortage


By Steve Murrell & William Murrell
Every leader of a growing organization asks the question, “Where do I find more leaders?” In “The Multiplication Challenge,” Every Nation president Steve Murrell identifies four leadership multipliers that solved the leadership shortage of a growing church and global mission organization.

The principles and stories in these pages will help you create a culture of leadership development by identifying potential leaders, developing current leaders, and multiplying future leaders!

About the authors


Steve Murrell is the cofounder and president of Every Nation Churches & Ministries, and the founding pastor of Victory in Manila, Philippines. Steve and his wife, Deborah, have three adult sons and two grandchildren. They split their time between Manila and Nashville. For more information on Pastor Steve, go to


William Murrell is a PhD candidate in History at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. His research focuses on Muslim-Christian relations during the Crusades. William and his wife, Rachel, have two young children and live in Nashville.


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